Friday, March 15, 2013

::there's no place like home::

Back cover : Front Cover :  photo Cover_wraparoundcopy_zps495eba5d.jpg For the past month I've been plugging away designing a very wholesome labor of love. I was asked late last year to provide the Design and Layout for the printed program for the Icelandic National League of North America's annual conference that happens to be held in my fair city of Seattle this coming month! The theme of this years convention is "There's No Place Like Heima" Heima being the Icelandic word from home. Playing off the classic quote from the Wizard of Oz, Seattle being "The Emerald City" and Seattle and Reykjavik being Sister Cities. Not to mention the incredibly strong Emigrant ties between Iceland and Northern North America. The photo I chose for the full bleed wrap around cover is from the tiny town of Thingeryi in Iceland where I lived with some distant family earlier this past summer for 3 weeks. This photo was taken during the town's Midsummer Homecoming Festival at 11:30pm during the hilt of 24 hours of daylight in the summer months. I was standing on a picnic table drinking red wine from a box my Aunt(of sorts) Hrafnger├░ur had brought while an Icelandic Leonard Cohen cover band was playing behind me. I had felt pretty displaced and intimidated for the my first couple weeks in this other country and in this moment when this image was captured, it was all sinking in and I felt truly at home.

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