Thursday, February 21, 2013

::sick day soup for one::

Spur of the moment experiment in spicy Scallop and Garlic Dashi. I think I've been getting quite a bit of this season of Top Chef lately.•4 Cloves Garlic coursely smashed with Mortar Pestle (When garlic is crushed or chewed it forces the Allin and Allinase enzyme together and causes a chemical reaction to produce Allicin, a powerful, natural Antibiotic.)•6 small dried Hawaiian Chile Peppers also crushed up with a Mortar & Pestle.•1 seared then chilled Jumbo Scallop thinly sliced.•1.5 cups Veggie Broth•1.5 cups Decaf Green Tea.•tiny pinch of Sea Salt-Bring all ingredients to a rolling bowl then strain off chunks and discard. Add a large handful of chopped Kale and 1/2 cup baked tofu and pour over Jasmine Rice. photo DashiDay_zps82ad574e.jpg

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