Wednesday, June 20, 2012

::Yfir hola og yfir haedir::

Yfir hola og yfir haedir from amanda allen on Vimeo.

Day 10 here in Iceland. We got an awesome little private concert/lesson on Iceland Folk Music, and Mythology. Icelandic singer songwriter, Svavar Knútur, takes old Icelandic songs and poems and as he puts it "condenses" them down into simple acoustic songs. He got all 17 of us in the room to briefly sing along with him. I really wish I would've known we'd be meeting him today and I would've brought my good camera and video mic to school today and really made something good of this video. None the less this little clip is nice example of some of the really cool insightful things I'm discovering here in Ísland. This song "Yfir hola og yfir haedir" roughly translates to "Over the hole and over the hills"


  1. Over HIlls and over heaths ;-) Hólar is hills, and hola is hole, but easily misunderstood ;-) It's all in the accent mark.