Monday, April 15, 2013

::our pack has returned::

Last weekend I had the fine exhausting honor of my fair city of Seattle hosting the 94th annual Icelandic National League of North America Convention for 3 days. These 3 people below, Julie, Sacha, and Sean are a small handful of the young proud Icelandic descendants (and strangely enough all distant cousins) I spent a six scary, exciting, and life affirming weeks of our lives with all over Iceland this past summer. This past weekend we could again laugh, drink, and share inside stories that nobody but us will ever understand. Six weeks of challenge after challenge, dirty laundry, smelly feet, sleeping bags in hostels, churches and cabins and so many language barriers. These images below were taken at Liberty just around the corner from my home in Seattle but look strikingly similar to my memories of us all having beers at Helgi og Valdi Cafe in the afternoons in Reyjavik and helping each other with our language homework....  photo IMG_5990_zpsd150d349.jpg  photo IMG_5988_zps663eb565.jpg  photo IMG_5986_zps9682da04.jpg  photo IMG_5989_zps49096da9.jpg "A wolf howls on the fjord, there are no wolves in Iceland, our pack has returned" -Sean Grisdale, Höfsoss, Iceland, July 18th, 2012

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