Wednesday, September 12, 2012

::Needful Things Part Deux::

This exact time last September my dear friend Casey Parks in Portland, Oregon accidentally embarked on a two week project where we decided not to text, call, or email each other and simply have a conversation through sending each other iphone photos. What resulted after 2 weeks when we sat down in her living room in Portland and looked at the photos as a whole was a really interesting and abstract conversation. The images ranged from what were were drinking eating, wearing, who we were hanging out with, where we were working on assignment for the day..... We titled this project Needful Things. I got the idea from the name of a General Store in Mitchell Oregon we had visited earlier last summer on a camping trip. The named seemed fitting for an inspirational silent exchange between two friends who have very similar notions on art and the world around them in general. A lot has happened and changed in the past year and here we are again, Autumn creeping in and Casey and I have decided to revisit this project. With the world and life moving so quickly it's comforting and inspiring to exchange intimate little snippets of daily life with someone despite a couple 100 miles of distance. It's also a good exercise is what one of my Photography idols Penny De Los Santos calls "Practice Seeing Everyday" Here's a little sneak peak at the first week of Needful Thing's 2nd anniversary: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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