Thursday, August 9, 2012

::home again, home again, jiggidy jog::

I've been pretty off the map lately. Locked out of my Instagram account, out of synch with my collaborative tumblr blog ignoring the piles of photos to edit that I shot in Iceland, not being able to find time to grab a drink and catch up with all the friends I've missed while away. It's been an overwhelming return stateside and I'm just now kinda getting back in the swing of 'real life after 3 weeks of being home. I took a quick little jont up to my hometown Blaine, WA on Monday to visit my Aunt uncle, Grandpa and 2 younger cousins up there. In the past couple years as I've entered my late 20's my values and priorities fallen into place a bit more and I've realized how much I really love spending time with my family and how valuable people whom you've known you're entire life truly are. The road I could drive in my sleep, the house where I always know the hiding place of the spare key... My grandpa said after dinner "Well it's been a good day, I've fed fresh Blueberries to my oldest Grand Daughter and my oldest Great Grand Daughter. How 'bout that?!" Photobucket Photobucket "I came in this way and here now I'll stay If the unknown have to wait one more day There's often times that it comes out wrong But luckily I, I got a mind to know On my way back home" -band of horses

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