Friday, March 9, 2012

::Winter video::

My dear friends Casey Ryan Allison and I (aka FrenchPress) as we like to call our little collective and fictional band) took a tiny trip to a yurt in Astoria Oregon back at the end of January. I got tricked and bought water logged fire wood from some Boyscouts, we ate some delicious hot dogs and smores, drank WAY too much Whiskey in Portland the night before and the night during the trip but still managed to have a delightful and silly time as we always do. Casey was feeling pretty sick during the drive out and it was only a one day trip so when it came down to editing time for me I was really scrambling with some pretty limited footage. Music by Goyte, "Eyes Wide Open" which is a particularly inspiring song to me these days and I think represents our little group pretty well.

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