Thursday, March 29, 2012

::practice seeing everyday::

Even if they aren't polished or perfect I've been trying to do a lot of little projects lately to keep me inspired, thinking and out of my creative comfort zone. This little video snippet of my life lately was shot entirely hand held with my iPhone either on foot, or by train, plane or automobile in the last of couple weeks. Some is of Seattle, some is of Chicago and some is from a couple points up in the air in between.
This was all so spur of the moment there's even a clip I accidentally shot vertically while enchanted wading up to my knees in Lake Michigan. I've been greatly inspired by the words and mood of this new Damien Jurado song "Museum of Flight" from his recent album Maraqopa.
"I turned around, my life was changing.
What did I learn? It's not that easy.
When you get burned, and go on burning loud..."

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