Monday, November 14, 2011

::Show me your jams::

As a photographer I usually politely decline from photographing weddings or family portraits. Financially that's probably unwise but I don't particularly enjoy that sort of work nor do I feel super confident with it.
Yesterday was different though. My longtime friend Emily asked me to shoot some very casual/non traditional family portraits of her, her husband Michael and their 2 daughters, Sonja and Mackenzie for their holiday cards.
Emily's mom is a longtime very close friend of my mom and was apparently very instrumental in my mom's early adult development; riding horses and learning the fine art of floating an open beer bottle in a lake while swimming and not spilling it. Emily herself was a bit of an older sister to me when I was younger and I always really admired her. It was such a funny and awesome feeling to now be an adult myself and be sitting across the table from her two children and realize how much history is between all of us.
This photo was at breakfast after our chilly early morning shoot at Pike Place Market was over, I pulled out my camera for one last shot and said "okay monkeys, show me your jams!"


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