Monday, October 10, 2011

::one red thread::

I've been coming across quite a number images on various blogs lately of this nature. This is by no means an original idea. I have though, always been someone intrigued by collections, artifacts, treasures and tools. Today I gathered up a few items that I'm currently using a lot, or that I hold particularly near and dear. See explanations below


Clockwise from top left:
1. Antique Bushnell Binoculars my grandpa used when hunting and hiking
2. Outdated guide to bike touring The San Juan Islands found recently for 50¢ at a yard sale
3. Clarks Desert Boots, purchased recently for a friends wedding now my favorite everyday shoes
4. New Letterpress business cards made by my friend Yuri
5. Antique cigarette box that was always a fixture on the china cabinet in the kitchen when I was a kid. My mom sent it to me as an Xmas gift a couple years ago with a little note inside, "Amanda I've had this box since before you were born"
6. Swiss Army Victorinox knife, commonly used on fishing boats, aka "a Vicky"
7. Raw Hemp twine used for the tag part of the new business cards (pretty rough on the fingertips)
8. Black Bandana given to me by my dad while camping at the beginning of this past summer, mostly used to wipe dust off computer screens

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