Saturday, May 14, 2011

::I'll bring my heart, I'll bring my face, you name the time & place::

I dont get "star struck" that often. We are just who we are, everyday human being folks. Thats what I constantly tell myself & what I hope for.

When we are trying so damn hard and studying everyday it gets a little complicated and convoluted sometimes...

It felt very amazing today to have the chance to converse with (and genuinely hug) this woman, I admire & ask her what makes her tick, and keeps her going...
Today I sat face to face to Penny De La Sos Santos. I've been soo charged by her work for years now, and it's hard to explain what struck me in the beginning about her photo work, be it the warmth, the humility, but it sticks in my mind every time I go out and create a new image, for an assignment or for simple longing of creating.

I've had some amazing schooling, and amazing advice drummed into me for which I'm grateful for... BUT! What I need is to be there with my head and heart more often/all the time.

We are perhaps at the hardest point ever $$$ wise, but I'm so glad I'm alive right now and absorbing this as it happens.

This is such a perfect glimpse at this lady; this is from a magazine I happened upon while I was in Austin 3 weeks ago.

(photo by: Michael Thad Carter for L Style)


  1. You lucky duck! It has been an amazing two days and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. I've been involved in the commercial food photography world for years now but Penny is such a humble force to be reckoned with, WOW!