Tuesday, December 7, 2010

::here we go again::

I seem to have such a tough time making decisions. I get so worked up and feel like I must be the most indecisive and easily distracted person on the planet...
4.5 years ago I graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography and huge naive hopes. Since then I worked among some of the best in Seattle, catalog shoots, music videos, meeting some of the most talented chefs, fashion designers and athletes this small big city has to offer and have had a very respectable amount of my work published.
Still, it has been very hard to carve out a full time career this way. I blame the Economy, the ever changing trends in modern media and technology, and of course my own damn motivation and attention span that I constantly grapple with.
A few months ago I got the notion to explore taking a different route.
I applied for the Masters in Clinical Psychology with a focus in the field of Art Therapy at Antioch University here in Seattle. Perhaps a nice steady career merging my huge interests in Psychology, Mental Health and Creativity would be the answer.
Everything was good to go I was one step away from being fully signed up for classes and the next new chapter of my life in January. But last night over dinner with my girlfriend Michelle and our friend Danny at Via Tribunali in Georgetown we got into a serious talk about jobs and careers (Michelle and Danny both work as producers for the A&E channel) it hit me that my heart is truly belongs in Photography, Media and Art Direction.
It's without a doubt the only thing I've never grown sick of or lost interest in for the past 12 years and is always there for me.
Long story short, this morning I deferred on school for a year, my place is still saved, weather I ever pick it back up, well we shall see...
I'm buckling down to give this yet another good, hard, go.

(photo by Casey Parks)


  1. Don't stress out! There is no rule which says you can be only one thing at a time.
    I know this is true because I checked.

  2. I love that you are following your dreams rather than doing what you "should" do.

    "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those."-unknown

    another I like is

    "Taking a risk means there is a chance you might lose. Not taking a risk means you are guaranteed to lose"

    Kathleen xx