Wednesday, December 29, 2010

::brother in arms::

I am not an early riser by any means especially when I've been sick for the past week. This morning I had set my alarm to wake up promptly and tune into KEXP to hear my friend Jack Wilson playing live on John Richards morning show.
Jack is a sorta goofy and nefarious fella in my life. A fantastically talented and friendly guy, living half the year in Austin Texas and half the year here in Seattle.We used to work together couple years ago and although he was a self admitted pretty damn lazy bar back and prep cook who annoyed the shit out of us all I still have a funny fondness for him.
I curled up cozy in bed under my new blankets with the 9am sun coming in the window and listened to Jacks twangy voice coming over the airwaves. It made me so lonesome for the warm winter days I spent in Austin 2 years ago and also the freezing cold afternoon him and I spent last March on the porch of his old house in Seattle the day before he drove back to Austin.
I was shooting photos of him with a camera I was about to sell, and drinking whiskey while he played me some new songs.

" Lets make a photograph, lets make a Polaroid...
I'll stay off the pills, the thrills, I am not a falling star..."

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