Tuesday, August 31, 2010

::tuesday inspiration::

Around this time last summer I was so in love with learning video editing and making short little video stories and interviews with my Canon PowerShot SD940. By October I was working as an intern at Seattle Magazine and started producing shooting and editing small interviews with local fashion designers and boutique owners that were featured on the magazine's fashion blog.
Over the winter I was watching the first 2 seasons of This American Life and absorbing the jealousy inducing work of my good friend in Portland Oregon, Casey Parks and was so enamored with the process of how films and documentaries come together. I'm not sure where along the way I've lost my steam.
This past weekend I've come across this simple but evocative video of one of my favorite groups Tegan & Sara shot in Dublin Ireland in June Watching this rekindled my desire and confidence to document stories through video. It also reminds me how much Casey and I need to put our 2 little curious heads together and finally collaborate on a project, or 2 or 3...


  1. Yes! Do you have any ideas for videos in Seattle? I could come up in October and we could do one. I'm also sending you an invite to something I'm doing Sept. 26 with Aaron. I'd love your help on it with lighting or sound.