Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh the places you will dwell....

The anxiety has ended. I've finally settled into my new home in a cozy part of Capitol Hill in Seattle, where I've more or less resided for the past 7 seven years. Earlier this winter after a strange long distance break up and the sudden death of a good friend on Valentines Day I was determined to get out of here.
My plans included taking off to Northern California to work on a farm, then applying for magazine jobs in Portland and San Francisco and even briefly entertaining the idea of hiding out back in Hawaii for the summer which is exactly what I did this time ten years ago. After much deliberation I'm still here in the city that wont let me go.
What is it that makes us feel 'at home' and 'content'? Sometimes I feel like a bird building a nest and pacing back and forth considering all what I should include in my make shift hut... Its funny how at odds I feel sometimes in the place I live and how how wonderful I can feel getting off a plane or a train in such places like, Portland, Berkeley, Kona, Bellingham, Blaine....

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  1. I still want you to be my roommate in North Carolina :)