Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Delancey, I'm impressed

After waiting for months for the perfect time to try it out I finally took the chance last night to dine at Delancey; opened by renowned writer blogger and photographer Molly Wizenberg and her darling husband Brandon. Being the huge food and food photography dork that I am I've been a huge fan of her photo work on her blog Orangette for a couple years now;I was a little apprehensive about it like maybe it wouldn't be as cool as I had hoped. I got a little giddy just walking in the door, like geeking out on a celebrity crush.
Nothing about Delancey disappointed me. Simple delicious wine list and local beers from Pike and Chuckanut Brewing Co, undoubtably the tastiest lightest pizza I've ever had (I even enjoyed mushrooms! huge deal for me!) and the friendliest warmest staff making jokes with us and waving and wishing Michelle and I a good night as we left. Such a lovely spot for a relaxed rainy saturday night in Seattle; Delancey pretty much entirely embodies everything I love about modern culinary culture, simple, delicious, beautiful and unpretentious.

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