Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tasty ideas

Last thursday My good friend Danise & I got together to mull over some entrepreneurial ideas we've got in our heads. Like somehow getting the money gathered to buy an old vintage trailer and selling hand forged sno cones with natural syrups and infusions concocted by her boyfriend Pete and inventive sandwiches in various parks this summer, or how to save and invest in starting an off the grid bed and breakfast in new mexico or texas sometime down the road. dreams dreams dreams... We've got plenty just no money to put them into action.
I was starving from just coming from a video shoot and not eating all morning. Danise whipped up one of her odd but delicious creations in the toaster over that consisted of red and yellow bell peppers, hummus, avocado, melted mozzarella, spinach, ground black pepper with a side dish of almonds ( well I guess it's not that odd, Danise is known for making calzones filled with chutney, pepperoni, apples and goat cheese)
There was some hint of something smokey and delicious in it she said it's probably from the old cheese burning off in the toaster oven.

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