Monday, February 15, 2010

your lows will have their compliments of highs

I spent a surreal feeling afternoon today wandering down South Jackson St through Chinatown with a couple cameras trying to clear my head. I couldn't concentrate at all today and had the art director at seattle mag just email all the research work I'm doing for the may issue for me to work on at home. Yesterday morning I got a call that I knew would probably eventually come that my dear friend and co worker Will had passed away after a 2 year battle with colon cancer. Him and I worked together for a couple years at the Hopvine Pub and was always silliest most off the wall person and also a bit of a difficult personality at times to deal with. Always full of ridiculous nicknames for everyone, such as Hot Dog Head and Pot Brownie. Today still I haven't really cried I'm in immense denial and shock and everything around me looks and feels different like I'm seeing everything with someone else's eyes. Walking through Pioneer Square around dusk I realized that through it all the world seemed oddly extra beautiful today and that I want to live the way Will did, loudly, outlandishly, passionately, loving and adoring his wife and friends and traveling every chance he could.

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